Massage Services

Enter into deep relaxation. Soothe, relax and reinvigorate your muscles. Calm and focus your energy. Center and ground your mind and body.  Release any stress from work and life.

For athletes, massage can reduce aches and pains, improve endurance performance, and aid in faster recovery times.  Thai Yoga Massage, which integrates deep muscle work and stretching is especially recommended, both for athletes and those with the regular stiffness and pain from working at a desk.


1 Hour Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage

A great way to soothe sore muscles, release stress and tightness, and recover faster from workout.


1 Hour Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Yoga Massage is a powerful form of massage which integrates deep muscle work and stretching.  The work is done on a comfortable mat on the ground, instead of on a massage table.  Comfortable clothes, such as athletic clothes are worn during the session.


90 Minute Massage - Swedish, Deep Tissue, or Thai Yoga Massage

90-minute massage sessions allow for deeper relaxation and more restorative work to put your body in optimal condition.


Chi Energy Flow Session

Energy work such as Chi Energy Flow and Reiki can help clear energy from stuck emotions or other life experiences, leaving you feeling relaxed, re-energized, and aligned with your best self.

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Reap the benefits of integrated eastern and western techniques from Europe, Indian Ayurveda, Scandinavia, Asia, and Thailand.

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